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I love a hint of red, it’s the colour of love. passion, fire, danger, oh yeah and candy canes. Back in the didays my mom would often dress my in the scarlet hue; coats, dresses, sweaters, shoes. Actually my primary school sweater was red also! Anyway the point is, I love a pop of red – and as I’ve realised here it’s been ingrained in my very soul and being from birth to love it.

Easiest way to add a pop to your look is with a red lip, and/or red nails. As you can see I’m a sucker for a good red.



  • The Fashion Fraction
    07/01/14 - | Permalink

    looks all the same as in my place. I’m a collector of red nail lacquer and lipsticks

  • 07/01/14 - | Permalink

    Red nails always works!

  • 07/01/14 - | Permalink

    Soo much red! Love it!
    ~Ashleigh {Dazzle by Day}

  • 07/01/14 - | Permalink

    Wauuuwwww amazing collection!! I’m a little jealous haha: )Beautiful shots! xx

  • 08/01/14 - | Permalink

    what a great collection


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